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Kim Reynolds

failed our schools.

Send her a report card.

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Iowa Needs 
Safer Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring students, educators, and families at our state's public schools and universities to re-imagine how we fulfill our commitment to teaching Iowa’s children. The solutions will require creativity, transparency, and democratic decision-making. How we move forward must be based on science, shaped by experts, and decided upon by the people that are on the front lines of the pandemic in our schools.

This is a major undertaking that must be tailored to the needs of our communities and designed by the people who are impacted these decisions.

Reynolds' Rush to Re-Open

Governor Kim Reynolds is attempting to force a dangerous and arbitrary one-size-fits-all approach to the education crisis, and now she's trying to blame college students for her failures.


We will not accept Reynolds's blame game or her proclamation that all schools must provide at least half of their instruction in-person.


We demand that Governor Reynolds:

  • Immediately rescind her July 17 proclamation, which mandates face-to-face learning during the pandemic. 

  • Immediately implement a statewide face-covering policy.

  • Support local school districts who are developing safe plans for a return to learning. 

  • ·Expand testing so that every Iowan has access to testing. 

  • Provide the faculty, staff and families of our public school and university communities an emergency monthly payment of $2,000. 

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